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What is Busies?

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If you’re wondering what the meaning of the word “busies” is, look no further than the Cobuild dictionary. Busies is a popular word used to describe people who are too busy to think about anything else. This is particularly true of companies, which are often too busy analysing financial implications to offer any assistance. Similarly, busy people often lack time to help others, and can’t think about the bigger picture. If you’re unsure about what this word means, check out this free Cobuild dictionary.

Busies Herself

A woman busies herself with urn duty, house duties, and new mother responsibilities. When her husband is out in the fields, she busies herself with the new baby and house chores. She must show good humor and understand that every man is only worth as much as he is worth. In other words, she must be a good wife. Moreover, she must show that she is capable of showing her man the kind of affection he deserves, and not just take his side in all the things he does.


The English word busied means to be busy. The word busied has two different meanings, depending on how you define it. Firstly, it refers to the past tense of the verb, i.e., “to be busy”; the second meaning refers to being busy in the present. In the past participle form, busied means to be busy doing something. Secondly, it means to be in the middle of a task.

A busy person is always engaged in some activity, and they don’t have time to stop and talk to you. Often, busy people meddle with others’ affairs, or are vexatious or troublesome. Their days are filled with work or employment, so they have no time for homework. Often, busy people are unable to concentrate and feel stressed. But, despite the negative associations of the word, it can also mean an activity that can’t be done.


The world’s busiest cities are located in metropolitan areas. Tokyo, for example, is the most crowded city, with over 37 million people. China and India are home to several of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. Here are the top ten busiest cities in the world. Their population density is remarkably high, too:

Moscow, Russia: This city is home to over 12 million people. It is also the biggest city on the European continent, with the highest density of population. It is also the northernmost megacity and one of the coldest. Its residents work an average of 2,096 hours per year, and they receive just five days of paid leave. This makes it one of the busiest cities in the world. Despite its high population density, however, Beijing is still an attractive option for tourists and businessmen.

Mexico City: Home to more than twelve million people, Mexico City is one of the world’s busiest cities. It is home to the largest concentration of Spanish-speaking people, and it is the oldest capital city in the Americas. It has more than ten million people, and is home to over 8,000 business establishments and universities. The city is also home to the largest number of gyms per capita in the world, as well as several prestigious universities.


Oliver Burkeman’s Busier than Ever! is a portrait, analysis, and reflection of fourteen dual-career middle-class families. Although it does not offer self-help solutions, Busier than Ever! does provide insight into what makes people overworked. And it offers a possible solution to this issue. Here are some key points:

Hospitals are busier than ever. In Massachusetts, the emergency department is often overflowing with patients waiting to be admitted. This situation is known as a “capacity disaster” at Massachusetts General Hospital. In the Beth Israel Lahey Health system, hospitals have even postponed scheduled surgeries so that they can offer more beds to ill patients. People are spending longer in hospitals and the medical care centers are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Busies Urban Dictionary

The definition of busies is found in English Cobuild dictionary. The dictionary also contains brief extracts from literature related to busies. It also features national and international press coverage of the term. The dictionary also aims to provide a clear and concise description of the usage of busies in various fields. The following are some examples of usage of the word. A Busies dictionary may be useful for any person or business. There are a variety of definitions of the word Busies.

Busied Meaning

The word busied has a variety of meanings and uses, ranging from being an adjective or noun to being a place. In addition, the word has a variety of related meanings, from a comic book entrepreneur to a fictional character from the television show Freaks and G****s. Furthermore, busied is a part of a theoretical computer science game, and in the English language, the word is also used as an adjective.

For learning more about a word, a dictionary is a great tool. The English to Urdu dictionary is a portable, easy-to-use tool for learning new words. In addition, there are also a variety of online English to Urdu dictionaries available. A search of these dictionaries is a quick way to determine its meaning in any language. In addition, an online dictionary of words will provide you with synonyms and other useful information.

Busiest Meaning

If you are looking for a word that means busy, you’ve probably wondered how to define it. Busy is a word that can mean many different things. It means that someone is involved in many different things and has a lot of energy. In addition, it also implies that someone is highly creative and able to accomplish many tasks. Busybodies are people who are constantly in a state of busyness. The word is derived from the Latin “busy” which means “absorbed”.

In the English language, the word is “busiest,” and its equivalent in Urdu is Mashghool (mshGwl). In the Hindi language, however, the word is mshGwl. The definition of this word in Urdu is a bit different, but there are several different interpretations of the word. If you are interested in learning more about the word, you can look it up in an English to Urdu dictionary.

Busies Synonym

While there are no direct synonyms for “busy” in the English language, you can find several phrases that may be similar. Here are 41 words that may be synonyms of “busy.”

The Meaning of Busies

Busies is a word in the English language meaning industrious. Busy people don’t have time to think of anything else. Busy companies are too busy analyzing financial implications to help people. Moreover, busy people can’t provide much help. The meaning of busies can be found in the English Cobuild dictionary. The Reverso dictionary can also help you learn more synonyms of busies. Here are some examples of busies and their meanings.

Synonyms for busies

A synonym for busies is bisigns. Business is a term for activities involving the provision of goods and services. The term encompasses commercial, industrial, and financial aspects. Here are some examples of phrases that may be synonymous with the word. Listed below are some of the most common synonyms for busies. These phrases are both common and alternative. However, they do have some differences. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one.

Meaning of busies

The opposite word for Busies is Bore, a synonym for Discharge. Busies is also a synonym of Aah, Allure, Bewitch, and Enchant. It can also mean to go in for or out of something. Here are more words that have the opposite meaning of Busies. Listed below are some of them:

Whether you’re looking for an English to Urdu translation or a Hindi meaning, you’ll be able to find the correct answer by using the Official Languages of India Dictionary. This online dictionary offers both English and Urdu meanings. You can also find the pronunciation of busies in Roman Urdu. Whether you want to learn how to say Busies in Urdu, this dictionary will be a great help. It’s portable and easy to use.

Busy is a common verb that is used to describe people who are overly occupied or crowded. Busy phone lines make it difficult for callers to get through. Bathrooms can be crowded. Office workers need to look busy, which can lead to stress. Restaurants with busy tables tend to be more crowded and have less seating. Busy people don’t have time to do their homework and get stressed. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep yourself busy. Just make sure to plan enough time for yourself!

Synonyms for industrious

In Hindi, the word for industrious means “ball of fire.” This word has many synonyms, including energetic, conscientious, diligent, productive, and steadily. Its meaning is similar to other words for “active,” such as busy, energetic, and productive. The dictionary definition of industrious is “determined to work continuously and persistently.”

A hard worker, industrious people are committed to solving problems, devoted to completing projects, and are always busy. Their work is energetic and creative, which makes them able to come up with new ideas. It requires a lot of care and attention. It is a quality of a dedicated worker and one of its key characteristics. The word industrious is also sometimes used in combination with busy and assiduous.

Industrious is an adjective meaning’skillful’. Its root, ‘industrieux’, is derived from the Latin and French words for ‘diligence’ and’skill.’ In other words, industrious people work hard and are rewarded with extra time. This is a quality that people who are successful in the construction industry possess. They are hard-working and can work as hard as machines.

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